Ram Charan's Friendly Finance Favour to Prabhas' Movie Prabhas’ next movie with one-film old director Radha Krishna has been in the production stage. The six sets that were required for creating the vintage ambience were erected on private land in Tellapur village that happens to be in the heart of the city.

Actually, the land in Tellapur belongs to one Charan who is Ram Charan’s friend and the makers of Prabhas’ ‘Jaan’ got it for lease for three years or as long as the movie would be in the making. This way they could construct the sets with Rs. 6 crores.

If the same is done in a film studio, the cost of erecting the sets would have been 25-30 crores. Thus, Ram Charan’s help came as friendly financial favour. Coming to the movie, there isn’t much excitement for this film due to the combination with the one-film old director.

Prabhas‘ fans have just experienced how Prabhas and Sujeeth’s combo failed badly. Again, Prabhas is working with an inexperienced director. His choices are making fans helpless. Henceforth, only the teaser or the trailer of ‘Jaan’ would resurrect their hopes and bring some excitement in them.