Ram Charan Feels Relieved!Mega Power star, Ram Charan has been busy as hell for the last few months. He had to juggle between RRR and Acharya and went all out with a promotional spree for these two films.

Just when he got relieved from RRR, Ram Charan had to spearhead the promotions of Acharya and had no time to relax as he was also shooting for Shankar’s film.

Now that Acharya has been released and irrespective of the talk and result, one man who will feel happy will be Ram Charan.

He worked so hard for promotions along with Rajamouli and NTR. Even though it’s not his style of doing aggressive promotions, Charan did the needful.

Now after two back-to-back film releases and promotions, he is definitely off the hook for the rest of the year and can take it easy and concentrate on Shankar’s film now.