Ram Charan Drove KTR Raashi Khanna in His Car Hyderabad 10k RunMega Power Star Ram Charan, Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao, Tennis Sensation Sania Mirza and Chubby Beauty Raashi Khanna have attended a 10K Run in Hyderabad. Several People in the city have enthusiastically joined the walk and took part in the 10K Run.

But then towards the end of the Run, the crowd went berserk seeing the celebrities and tried to mob them for autographs and selfies. It is then Ram Charan acted instantly and took KTR, Sania and Raashi Khanna in his Range Rover car and drove them away to avoid the inconvenience.

KTR has good contacts with everyone in film industry while Sania Mirza and Ram Charan are good friends we all know. And then Raashi Khanna is being considered for Ram Charan’s next film in the direction of Creative director Sukumar.