Ram-Charan-Copy-Cat‘Dhruva’ was the first Ram Charan‘s movie that actually showed the fire inside the actor who wasn’t considered among the performers’ lot, till then. ‘Rangasthalam’ earned him respect as an actor. All this because Ram Charan didn’t want to become a copycat imitating his father.

He is totally right because people know his dad and his dad’s talent as an actor, very well. If Ram Charan had copied his father’s mannerisms, why would anyone watch a copycat when there is the original. He understands the advent of global market into the regional films and how they are finding wider audiences across the world.

Ram Charan took the example of Dhanush who not only turned a pan-Indian superstar but also an international star as he is doing a Hollywood movie. The mega hero thinks that it is the vision of the director that translates on the screen in this era of intelligent audiences. One can’t rely on commercial gimmicks to fool audiences. Well, Ram Charan seems to have finally caught the intricacies of the art.