Ram Charan lip lock

Ram Charan has been very busy these days tied up with the promotion of film Zanzeer. However, seeing a couple intimate scenes between Ram Charan and his co actor Priyanka, there has been a lot of speculation going on about a possible liplock. However Charan himself has denied all such allegations and has even admitted to being very shy about these scenes. He had stated that he was initially very shy but through Apoorva’s and Priyanka’s efforts, he felt comfortable and the chemistry between him and Priyanka was captured beautifully in the film.

Ram Charan has also denied all comparisons to Amitabh Bachchan. He has said that he doesn’t think that he can play Mr. Bachchan. He also said that their film is not trying to copy Amitabh but is instead a tribute to his iconic film.