Ram_Charan_MoviesRam Charan shot to pan-India fame and global recognition with Rajamouli’s RRR. The mega hero is now lining up Shankar’s RC15 and has also announced the project with Buchi Babu.

In his latest interview, Charan has announced that he has signed as many as 3 films for 2023 and has signed 3 more for 2024. In total, he has 6 new projects that are in various stages of production.

Well, this isn’t the wisest of plans for a star hero who scored a global blockbuster like RRR. This is exactly when Charan should be taking things slow and steadily.

Charan has a film with Shankar and also one with Sukumar. He also has one with Buchi Babu. He is better off with these projects.

The ideal plan for Charan would be to take up one project at a time. This way, he will get a better understanding of what the audience are expecting from him and he will be better placed to mould his career accordingly.

Instead, Charan has gone for the rush-hour formula by singing 6 films on the trot. There’s a chance he overcooks it after okaying 6 scripts at once.

But that said, Charan hasn’t yet announced the other three projects that are lined up for 2024. So, he still has the leeway to alter his line up based on the results of his immediate next films.