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Ram Charan’s Behavior Brings Relief to Mega Fans

 Ram Charan's Behavior Brings Relief to Mega Fans It’s a fact that a section of mega fans had dedicated themselves exclusively for Pawan Kalyan and whenever there is a mega event or a mega hero attending an event, they are found in attendance asking the mega heroes to speak about Pawan Kalyan.

Allu Arjun distanced himself from the mega fans with his ‘Cheppanu brother!’ comment and of late, his controversial statements which said that his movie has beaten Chiranjeevi’s ‘Khaidi No. 150’ collections during the promotions of ‘Duvvada Jagannadham’ further distanced him from the mega fans.

Ram Charan’s behaviour was a huge relief for mega fans when he was interrupted by fans who wanted him to talk about Pawan Kalyan. “Babai, Babai! My family lives more in my mind and less in my words” (na family na maatalloe takkuva, manasulo ekkuva untadi), said Ram Charan which impressed the mega fans big time.

This is really a huge sigh of relief for mega fans after Allu Arjun’s recent behaviour. Ram Charan’s attitude and the way he responded are really impressive.