Ram and Priyanka adapting to the Languages

Ram Charan in a recent interview talked candidly and shared his wealth of experiences earned during the making of Zanzeer Remake. The film Zanzeer had been made in two languages, Telugu and Hindi, simultaneously. But Ram Charan does not seem to see a lot of difference with the experience of shooting in the two languages. The only difference according to him was that it took both him and Priyanka a little more time to repeat their dialogues in Hindi and Telugu respectively.

As for the two of them adapting to the other language, Charan said that that it was ironical that Priyanka would pull off her Telugu lines perfectly and he would do the same with his Hindi lines. But it was their own languages that the two of them seemed to mess up. But since it was Apoorva Lakhia’s shoot, Ram Charan said that it seemed like a piece of cake and the shoot was wrapped up quickly