Ram Charan Allu Arjun Jr NTRTollywood has seen a flurry of first-look posters in the recent past with the arrival of Devara, Game Changer, and Pushpa 2 first looks. But who is the winner amongst all of them?

It needs to be said that the Pushpa 2 first look poster is the winner amongst the list and there is a good reason behind the same.

While we can’t hold much against the first looks of NTR’s Devara and Charan’s Game Changer, Aluu Arjun hit the bullseye with the Pushpa 2 first look sheerly with the shock factor.

The Chittoor Jathara theme and the visual presentation of Bunny in the Pushpa 2 poster simply had more zest and shock value than the first look posters of Devara and Game Changer. This has worked the trick as Pushpa 2 poster got more reach and excitement with the same.

The most important thing about a first look poster for any star hero film is the excitement factor. This is where Bunny has scored more than Charan and Tarak with the shock value.

With all three of them being pan Indian biggies, there will be more such compairssions in the due course. Can Charan or Tarak score over Bunny with their respective promotional material? We have to wait and see.

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