Rakul-Preet-Gets-Mobbed-by-Beggars-in-Mumbai-Viral-VideoSometimes, it looks funny to relive the moments that we had watched on the screen in a film. Rakul Preet Singh had that bizarre experience of being mobbed by a group of beggars.

She was coming out of one ‘Farmer’s Cafe’ when a group of beggars mobbed her asking for alms. She was in a fix how to escape from them without being overtly irritated or irritating them with her actions.

Somebody who was watching the entire thing on the street came to her rescue and saw that she has got into her car safely. There are a few people roaming around in cameras and capturing this incident. That’s how the video got onto the social media.

Definitely, it must have been a surprise for Rakul when she was mobbed by the beggars, but we believe that she has contained herself from looking annoyed by their behaviour and was concentrating more on escaping the situation without harm.