Rakul Preet Singh -new houseRakul Preet Singh is not only known for being an actress in various languages including Telugu and Hindi, but she is also known as a shrewd businessperson who knows how to invest her earnings wisely.

The latest we hear that she has become the owner of a plush apartment in Bengaluru in an affluent area and that apartment has cost her nearly Rs. 6 crores. This is according to media speculation on her assets, and we don’t know if it is for real or mere gossip.

One thing is a fact about Rakul Preet. She invests wisely as she has settled down in Hyderabad, making the city her home, has set up a chain of F45 training and fitness gym with the help of her brother, first in Gachubowli and expanding it to other branches.

Rakul is one of those smart gen-x heroines who know how to take care of their earnings and invest properly for a secure future when they might not be in the limelight.