Rakul Preet Singh Learnt Telugu Tamil - Mahesh Babu MurugadossDelhi girl Rakul Preet Singh had surprised Telugu audiences with her fluent Telugu on various occasions. So, she has no problem while shooting for her part in the upcoming untitled bilingual with Mahesh Babu and AR Murugadoss.

But, as the film is going to be a bilingual, Rakul Preet has to mug up her lines in Tamil as well. The actress who is known to pick up the different language easily with her persistence to learn the language is busy getting up early to learn her lines.

She is happy that she is doing well in both the languages as she has to shoot for the Tamil version first and then go for the Telugu version. Mahesh is anyway fluent in both the languages as he was brought up in Chennai. Rakul Preet found that the superstar is normally calm and patient, gives his best when it comes to delivering his part.