Support for Dutt

The Supreme Court yesterday gave out a ruling that sentences actor Sanjay Dutt to a five year prison term. The court upheld an earlier conviction that found Sanjay Dutt having an illegal possession of an AK-56 rifle, although they took a year off the sentence. Since, Dutt, now 53, has already spent 18 months in jail previously so his actual prison term would a little over three years.

In this regard, several people of the industry have spoken out in support of Dutt. Actress Jaya Bachachan, veteran actor and a Member of Parliament said that she will put an appeal to the Maharashtra governor, K Sankarnarayanan, to get a pardon for Mr Dutt. Superstar Rajinikanth express his distress on hearing the verdicts and said that the support people have shown for Dutt is giving him hope. He also said that he would pray for Sanjay Dut so that he gets remedy and spends at least the rest of his life peacefully.