rajnikanths-wife-latha-rajnikanth-relieved-from-forgery-caseThere has been a forgery case pending against superstar Rajnikanth’s wife Latha Rajnikanth in the Karnataka High Court. A complaint was filed alleging that the superstar’s wife submitted forged documents. The case has been pending since last September.

The Karnataka High Court dismissed the complaint for lack of enough evidence on the allegations made on Latha Rajnikanth. She is now free of forgery allegations which were made regarding their production venture ‘Kochadaiiyan’ which bombed miserably.

Allegedly Mrs.Rajnikanth got a loan of Rs.6 crore plus using the fake documents said the complaint filed by three people. Earlier the complaint was filed in Tamil Nadu but later,… on court orders it was moved to Karnataka. After the debacle of ‘Kochadaiyyan’, the distributors were thrown into losses leading to financial controversies.