Rajnikanth may power politics in TN

Politicians of Tamil Nadu are now in pursuit of the blessings of Superstar Rajnikanth. As we all know, Rajnikanth is a cultural icon in Tamil Nadu. People worship him. And given the scenario, it can be presumed that the political party to which Rajnikanth will lend support, may have an edge.

Observing the behaviour of the fans of Rajnikanth, it is assumed that he will soon be entering politics. Parties like DMK, Congress and BJP are looking forward for support from the superstar. It is known that the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, is friends with Rajni. So, Rajni might turn to BJP for the coming elections.

Rajnikanth has recently addressed his fans in a function and told them that he will cast his vote to that party which will rule properly by solving problems and helping the citizens of the state and has also asked his fans to do the same. With Rajni’s popularity touching the skies in Tamil Nadu, which party will manage to land him in?