Rajinikanth biography movie run timeRajinikanth is often lauded not just for his acting talents but also for his kindness and generosity. The love Rajinikanth’s fans have for him is obvious from the film made about his life and success by a fan of his.

This film or rather the documentary about the director has been made by Rinku Kalsy and has been titled ‘For the Love of a Man’. This critically acclaimed documentary chronicles Rajinikanth’s life as a common man, his rise to fandom and the superstar phenomenon. The documentary was recently screened at the 117th Jio Mami film festival and word is that Rajinikanth himself would soon be watching it.

This news has been confirmed by the director Rnky Kalsy herself who has said she has met Aishwarya who is the daughter of the superstar a couple of days ago who intimated that they are aware of the film and have planned to watch it soon.

Watch ‘For the Love of a Man’ trailer below;