Rajinikanth meets malaysia prime ministerWhenever our superstars go to Malaysia, it’s like a feast for Malaysian government which can see the importance of Indian films which promote their tourism. The interest on our superstar begins from the PM of the country. One can guess how the reception would be to our star heroes whose films are popular there. We are talking about Hindi and Tamil films.

Currently, it’s superstar Rajnikanth who is shooting in the State of Malacca in the State Central Prison’s premises for his movie ‘Kabali’. Earlier it had been Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan who shot for couple of his movies in the same premises. He too got overwhelming reception while he was shooting in Malaysia. The PM of the country was fascinated by the superstar and bestowed with the honour of the country ‘Datuk’.

At present, according to the buzz, even Rajnikanth is going to be honoured with the same title ‘Datuk’, bestowing the knighthood of the country. The Malaysian government is keen on honouring our superstar as they know how our stars help their tourism and also because primarily they are huge fans of Superstar Rajnikanth.