Rajinikanth--on-politicsIn a way Purutchi Thalaivi Jayalalitha’s political career has been buried deep for atleast a decade because of her conviction in the disproportionate assets case. A political vaccum is prevailing in Tamil Nadu at present. Many people are awaiting the decision of superstar Rajnikanth on politics. But Rajni has been maintaining strategical silence.

The grand audio launch event of the superstar upcoming film ‘Lingaa’ once again became the platform for taking up discussion on the political decision of Rajnikanth. This time it was Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s call to Rajnikanth to venture into politics. Aamir reiterated that the people of Tamil Nadu are seeing towards Rajnikanth as their next CM of the state.

In a way the superstar himself implicitly made clear that he is interested in politics. His words, ‘I’m hesitating to join politics. But not frightened”, only say that he is thinking deeply whether this is the right time for him or not. Recently BJP made every attempt to make Rajni Sir to join their party. But the reciprocation from Rajni wasn’t encouraging. Seems, its time for Rajni to take a decision soon.