Kabali Goats Sacrifice, Kabali Goats Sacrifice Evil Eye, Kabali Goats Sacrifice Superstition, Rajinikanth Kabali Goats Sacrifice, Rajinikanth Kabali Goats Sacrifice Evil EyeThe animal activists are now demanding superstar Ranjikanth to respond on the goat ‘bali’ (sacrifise) in the name of superstitious rituals. Some insensible fans of Rajnikanth had sacrificed goats in a Kali Temple in Trichi to ward off evil eye.

Naturally, this invented the ire of the animal activists who are now asking Rajini to speak on the brutal incident. When fans do such crazy things, star heroes come out in open and condemn such acts and advice them not to do such cruel things in the name of rituals.

But Rajnikanth didn’t do any such things. His silence has made the activists more angry who are demanding a response from him for the act of his fans. They are reminding Rajini his own dialogues from films in which he spoke about freedom to live.