We have reported earlier about how Bollywood production house is trying to cash in on Rajnikanth’s image by using his name as their film’s title ‘Main Hoon Rajnikanth.’ Rajni moved to Chennai Highcourt and obtained interim stay on the film till September 22nd.

Rajni alleged that Bollywood makers of ‘Main Hoon Rajnikanth’ are trying to mislead his fans by showing him in caricatured style and they even dare to show him stupid and womanizer.

‘Main Hoon Rajnikanth’ is produced by Bollywood production house Varsha Productions and the film has Aditya Menon plays the lead role of Rajnikanth Rao who plays the role of CBI officer and a contract killer. It is said that Rajni is not at all happy with the way they have been trying to promote the film using his name but never seeked his permission to use his image.