Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Kochadaiyaan’s director Soundarya has finally disclosed some secrets about the film. It seems that Rajinikanth will be doing double roles in the film, first of an emperor’s devoted commander called Kochadaiyaan and second of his son Rana.

The other leads in the film include Shobana and Deepika Padukone who will be the love interests of Kochadaiyaan and Rana respectively. While Rana is an angry young man, Kochadaiyaan will portray the role of a loyal chief. Rajinikanth will be seen doing a lot of exciting action sequences as well as some mesmerizing dance scenes in the movie.

As Kochadaiyaan is the first three dimensional film in India to have made use of the performance capture technology director Soundarya, daughter of Rajinikanth stated that she learnt from her father that she should carve her own path and not follow the others. She feels that she’s doing what her father expects her to do.