Rajinikanth Rare Anger on DisplayThough we get to see Rajinikanth in his angriest avatar on screen, it’s a rare trait that we get to see him showing anger on someone else in real. When he went to visit the Tuticorin victims, his reaction was something which we didn’t expect.

Rajinikanth angrily snapped at the journos and talked about the involvement of the anti-social elements who turned the peaceful protest into a violent one. According to Rajinikanth, some anti-social elements mixed up with the protestors and instigated police that resulted in the firing.

“Those anti-social elements were the ones who resorted to violence, set fire to the housing quarters,” said Rajinikanth angrily adding that Tamil Nadu will turn into a graveyard if people protest for everything. By the way, one of the Tuticorin victims asked Rajinikanth, “Who are you?” For which Rajini said, “I am Rajinikanth.” This is how the angry victims are probably reacting to the political visits.