Here is a good news for Rajinikanth fans who are dejected at the postponement of Kochaidyaan. They will be seeing their super star on screen and that too in 3D. Going in to detail, Rajinkanth’s Sivaji is being converted to 3D and will be releasing on 12-12-12. This special date happens to be the Birthday of Rajinikanth too. The actual length of the movie is 185 minutes. Since the process of 3D conversion is costly and time taking, the makers of the 3D version have cut it down to 137 minutes with out disturbing the plot of the movie.

Shriya Saran had played the lead role opposite Rajinikanth and Suman played the negative role. Maverick director Shankar had made the film and it was one of the biggest ever in South Indian cinema till Magadheera smashed its record.