Rajinikanth Cho Rama Swamy,Rajinikanth Cho Rama Swamy Watched Kabali, Rajinikanth Cho Rama Swamy Special Show, Rajinikanth Cho Rama Swamy Kabali Second TimePolitical critic Cho Ramaswamy isn’t keeping well these days. In spite of ill health, Cho Rama Swamy watched Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ with his family members. A special screening was held in Chennai on Sunday night.

Guess who attended the special screening? It was none other than superstar Rajinikanth. This is the second time for the superstar. He watched the first screening in the United States before the film’s release. Now, with Cho Rama Swamy it is the second time.

Along with Rajini, the producer of the film and the music director were also present at the special screening. Both Rajini and Cho Ramaswamy share a friendly relationship. The political critic who was also an actor besides writing many plays liked the movie and obviously had appreciated the superstar.