Kaala---Rajinikanth-Rain-FightThere was a rain fight sequence in the teaser shot of ‘Kaala‘ that we have got to watch and that scene would be one of the scenes that we would like to watch out in the movie. Sharing his experience with this particular scene actor Dileepan revealed Rajini’s true nature.

Rajini used to get wet while shooting for the rain fight scenes and even when he was waiting for the next shot, he would sit in wet clothes. When Dileepan offered him to get dry a bit, he smiled and was okay sitting in the wet clothes as he will be getting wet again, for the next shot.

This is the way Rajinikanth shot for the rain fight sequence for 4-5 days, getting wet and sitting through in wet clothes. This shows how the superstar adapts himself to the situation instead of demanding his comfort. If a superstar of his stature insists on something, it will certainly be obeyed. However, this anecdote reveals that he isn’t made of that kind of material who can trouble others. Superstar for a reason!