Rajinikanth praises a low-budget Tamil film

Superstar Rajinikanth, who is nowadays watching most Tamil films at the comfort of his entertainment room, was astonished by the recent Tamil hit “Goli Soda”, which features four kids in the lead roles. Rajini has heaped praise on the film as well as its makers.

After watching the film “Goli Soda” Super Star Rajinikanth called up Thirrupathi Brothers N.Lingusamy (producer) appreciated and congratulated for producing such a good film “Goli Soda”. The conversation between super star and Lingusamy lasted more than half an hour.

Rajinikanth was actually astonished by how this film was taken in a place like Koyembedu especially making those kids perform so well he also called director Vijay Milton and appreciated for his good work and conveyed his best wishes for next film also.

Whenever super star watches Thirrupathi Brother’s films starting from “Vazhaku Enn 18/9”,”Kumki”, “Goli Soda” he calls up Lingusamy and appreciates for selecting these type of good films and producing it. Getting appreciation from super star for our Thirrupathi Brothers films makes us proud says N.Lingusamy.