Rajinikanth Political Posters Surfaced on Walls in ChennaiWhat’s unusual if Rajinikanth’s posters surfaced on the walls in Chennai? He is a superstar and it’s natural that fans put up his posters occasionally. This time it’s not the same case. Some posters of Rajinikanth were pasted on the walls urging the actor to enter the politics.

Who is responsible for these posters? One Coimbatore District People Welfare Forum has put up these posters. This is an unknown outfit and no one knows the reason and intentions behind these posters. Is the actor trying something like a recce to catch the pulse of the people in Tamil Nadu?

There is no political emergency regarding Rajni’s political entry. But, a lot of anticipation and ambiguity is prevailing whether or not the superstar is venturing into politics. Even the recent cancelled meetings with fans and other things added to the confusion. Is Rajni really thinking, seriously?