Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth Simplicity, Rajinikanth Home, Rajinikanth Private Photo, Rajinikanth Personal Photo, Rajinikanth Photo Home, Rajinikanth BooksWhile the film industry is talking a lot about ‘Kabali’ and the star power of superstar Rajinikanth, the star isn’t seen in public either promoting his movie or attending any event. What is he doing now?

This pic shows that Rajinikanth is living in his own space, at home. He is nowhere to be seen in limelight but on somebody’s cam while reading a book on his bungalow’s terrace. Though he is a superstar, Rajini always loved to live his life in a simple way.

That’s what seems to be giving him inner peace and happiness. After watching him in this pic, we don’t even like to disturb his peace, do we?