Rajinikanth Insignificant Professional Income CaseWhen it comes to superstar Rajinikanth, we don’t expect that something involving just a few lakhs would make him go to the court and settle issues. On Tuesday, the Income Tax department has to withdraw an income tax case against the superstar and thus, the High Court dismissed the case as withdrawn.

It’s a case against the superstar for an insignificant income tax assessment case that involved a penalty of Rs. 66 lakhs on the superstar for the assessment years from 2002-03 to 2004-05. The amount claimed by the Income Tax Department was less than 1 crore and hence, the court dismissed the case against the superstar.

When the IT department levied the penalty, Rajini appealed to the IT but his plea was dismissed. Later, he approached the ITAT that allowed his appeal. Then, the IT department made an appeal in the High Court. Finally, the case is dismissed as withdrawn.

Rs. 66 lakhs might be a big amount for many of us, but when it comes to Rajinikanth’s income, it’s an insignificant amount. Income Tax Department can’t appeal in the matters related to a penalty of less than a crore.