Rajinikanth-Giving-Back-to-Back-Shocks-for-FansNow, Rajinikanth is working with young director Karthik Subbaraju and going by the latest reports, he would be teaming up with his ‘Narasimha’ director KS Ravi Kumar. It’s something that would leave fans worrying as Rajinikanth’s choices aren’t giving proper result.

Director KS Ravi Kumar is coming up with totally outdated formulaic films in the recent past and Rajinikanth choosing a director on his past merits will not make his fans happy. They would rather prefer Rajinikanth working with an exciting director who can use the superstar’s potential to the fullest extent.

Recently, Pa Ranjith disappointed Rajini’s fans with two back-to-back disappointing movies that pulled down the superstar several steps at the box-office. He is once known for his superpower at the box-office but now, the Midas touch is missing. Fans wouldn’t like Rajini to make any mistake with regard to choosing his directors and scripts. By the way, KS Ravi Kumar’s project isn’t confirmed yet.