Rajinikanth-Faces-The-Wrath-of-Pro-Kannada-ActivistsThere has been a lot of ambiguity with regard to the release of Rajini’s ‘Kaala‘ in Karnataka. With the interference of Karnataka High Court and its order to the government to give ample protection to the theatres screening ‘Kaala’, we thought there would at least be an opening if not a big one.

However, the pro-Kannada activists attacked the distributors’ office and destroyed the posters of the movie ahead of the release, tomorrow. So, the threat is quite obvious and even with police protection, it might not be possible to ward away the insecurity and the threat from the fringe elements.

‘Kaala’ is all set to hit theatres on 7th June and till now, one can’t be sure of its release in the Kannada territory that can command a decent income for the makers of ‘Kaala’. The uncertainty is lingering over ‘Kaala’ release and no one knows how anyone can go and watch the movie in Karnataka when the activists might be agitating outside the theatres.