Makers Planning Shooting Without Superstar Rajinikanth?This is the video filmed at a Curry House opening occasion and the owner named it as ‘Darbar Curry House’ after superstar Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Darbar’ like most of Rajinikanth’s fans.

A look at this video will leave us confused if it’s the superstar himself dancing at the opening of this small shop. He looks like the superstar every bit and he could copy the style perfectly. That swag will leave us asking for more.

This video is obviously going viral on the internet as people are confused and at least for a while, they are assuming that the person in the video might be Rajinikanth. He is so close to the superstar’s looks.

Watch this video and share your thoughts about it. What do you think about the dupe who could copy the superstar’s style so perfectly?