Rajinikanth's Director Pa Ranjith Facing the Brunt of Baahubali FansIt’s not easy for anyone these days to escape the brunt of the online trolls for the things one has shared or sometimes for the things one never meant. Baahubali fans brunt on Rajinikanth‘s director belongs to the second category.

Alleging ‘Kabali’ director for allegedly commenting on ‘Baahubali 2’ for not having any message to tell for society, a section of onliners started abusing the director for speaking in negative about the magnum opus which is creating records tsunami, crossing borders.

Well, the director had to clarify that he didn’t make any such comments on the film and he indeed like ‘Baahubali’. We don’t know which comment or post of Pa Ranjith was taken as a negative one against ‘Baahubali 2’. It’s good that he cleared it early before the issue gets blown out, out of proportions.