Rajinikanth (2)The tale of the seven-year-old Mohammed Yassin from Erode, Tamil Nadu will be remembered and will be narrated by elders to their kids for many years to come for his honesty. The boy has set an example and made his parents really proud.

Superstar Rajinikanth went to meet the boy, presented him with a gold chain and even said the he will consider Yassin as his own son and also bear all the financial expenses with regard to the seven-year old’s education. Actually, the boy expressed his wish to meet the superstar.

For the uninitiated, Yassin found a bag on the roadside near his school. It contained Rs. 50,000. The boy handed over the bag to his teacher which was then handed over to the police. The boy even declined the prize money offered by the police and wished to meet the superstar, instead. What an inspiring real tale!