Rajini-fans-begin-birthday-To Rajinikanth fans he is the reincarnation of God, so when the birthday of the God s around the corner wouldn’t the celebrations begin earlier. Well that is what has been happening fr a very long time and this year too isn’t different. Birthday celebrations f the star has begun already in many Southern states. Take for example Bangalore where the birthday celebrations have already begun. Fans of the stars have organized a charity event and also did hair cuts to a number of people on the occasion.

Superstar Rajinikanth celebrates his birthday on December 12 just like any other normal day which showcases the modesty of the star. This year a grand audio launch function was being planned n the occasion of the stars birthday but it had to be postponed as the film couldn’t be ready on time. The fans we guess have to make do with the Rajini films showcased in various theaters across the state on the occasion of the stars birthday.