There are many who look forward to Radha Krishna’s superhit show on Television ‘Open Heart with RK’ on ABN Andhra Jyothi. The way he handles celebrities and knocks them out their most safe guarded secrets openly is incredible and that is the main USP of the show. Recently yesteryear’s bubbly actress Rajini walked on to his show to share her not so well known experiences in the film industry.

It was all together, Rajini’s upper hand througout. In fact, she allowed him to talk very little and never gave him a chance to impinge on things she didn’t like to share to public. Radha Krishna was left with no option but to keep nodding to her narrations and everytime he intervened to squeeze out something juicy, like her relationship with Rajendra Prasad or gossips on her, Rajini aimed her arrows on him saying that it is the media persons like RK who cook gossips from vaccum even.

When she said that media wrote she drank 50 coconuts, RK couldn’t catch up with what she meant and she moved on effortlessly. But the whole episode was a big revelation of Rajini’s life which she chose to tell and which was little known to the audience. Rajini looked as glamorous as ever and left audience wondering how age couldn’t do play spoil sport on her looks. Seems Rajini is eager to make a come back and undoubtedly she is going to give tough competition to seniors like Nadiya, Ramya Krishna and many others.