rajendra prasad wins maa electionsSenior Actor Rajendra Prasad won the Prestigious MAA elections with a whopping majority votes. The counting of the elections began this morning in Film Chamber premises. Rajendra Prasad is in clear majority in all the seven rounds and finally won the election with 87 votes majority.

The elections which has just 702 votes caught the attention of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Incidentally, only 396 votes were polled in the election. The issues were further flared up by the personal allegations by both the sides.

Later City Civil Court in Nampally held up the election results for about 20 days. Finally the court struck down the case filed by O.Kalyan couple of days ago and cleared decks for the counting. Interestingly, Jayasudha did not even come to the counting indicating that the loss is already known well in advance.