Rajendra Prasad

Famous comedy actor Rajendra Prasad recently talked about the importance of quality films and how they seem to add a new dimension to the experience of movie viewing. Rajendra Prasad feels that even as commercial films are taking the floor, the Indian audience is equally ready to be faced with content-heavy quality films.

Giving the examples of films like Aa Naluguru, Mithunam and Mee Sreyobhilashi, Rajendra Prasad explained that if the audience weren’t ready to be faced with such film, they would hardly be successful. But since we all know that these films proved highly successful, the viewers are clearly ready for more of this genre and class of films.

As for his own career, the 56-year-old veteran actor is currently involved with upcoming Telugu comedy-drama film Noothi Lo Kappalu where he is appearing alongside Manoj Nandam, Bharath, Tagubothu Ramesh and others.