Rajeev opens up on differences with NTRSince some days there is a rumour in the industry that differences had crept in between once very thick friends Rajeev Kanakala and NTR. That’s the reason why Rajeev isn’t seen in NTR’s recent films like he did earlier for most of NTR’s movies. Rajeev opened up about the differences with NTR in a candid interview.

He says that there are no differences between them. Even in NTR’s earlier films, he wasn’t cast in all the movies and he was only in those films where the character demanded his presence. He wasn’t seen in NTR’s recent films because it wouldn’t look apt if a character was created just for the sake of including Rajeev in NTR’s films.

Casting Rajeev for certain characters always would give a routine feeling and hence film makers have the right to choose any actor to give a refreshing feeling to the characterisations. Otherwise there are no differences between them to the extent of not being cast in NTR’s films.