Rajeev Kanakala Text Message NTR, Rajeev Kanakala Funny Text Message NTR, Rajeev Kanakala Irritating Text Message NTR, Rajeev Kanakala Text Message Jr NTRThere is one text message actor Rajeev Kanakala keeps sending to his friend NTR though the latter doesn’t like it. Every ‘Children’s Day’, he sends a message ‘Happy Children’s Day’ to Tarak, which irritates NTR like hell.

Rajeev explains the reason for this text message. He thinks NTR is like a child; emotional and he has that kid like enthusiasm, naughtiness, and a lot more. NTR’s name in his phone is ‘Kid’ which explains why Rajeev sends ‘Happy Children’s Day’, though NTR already turned father.

Whenever NTR remembers November is approaching he starts feeling frightened that he will get that irritating message from Rajeev for sure. When this revelation came from NTR and Rajeev, Nitya Menen too agreed to that NTR is like a child.