Rajeev-Kanakala-ali-vulgar-comments-on-sumaRecently Ali decided to behave himself and take care of his vulgor talk on stage on actresses. But the questions on his vulgar comments aren’t seizing to die down. When media asked Rajeev Kanakala about vulgar comments on his wife Suma, he responded only to half the question.

He said that Suma didn’t give Ali any warning for his comments. She left the stage during the audio launch event taking permission from Ali as that day happens to be her son’s birthday. She wasn’t angry on him and they have nothing against Ali because he was a close friend.

But on the vulgar comments and the protests, Rajeev implicitly meant to say that one has to maintain restraint while speaking in a public function. He thinks that one’s words should be taken care of and hence he would not speak on that particularly. He seemed to have felt awkward for Ali’s comments on Suma.