Rajasekhar-KalkiHero Rajasekhar’s career went deep down to the hell giving him a hard blow consisting him one good film to see the light. It is only after PSV Garuda Vega that the audience remembered his existence and yet the star could only take the positive talk home with no good numbers in collections despite the good work all because of his long failure history.

Well, now the star is coming with another one, Kalki that got fair attention with the connect of the story and so far the film is carrying a positive hype for the release. But still, there is the same drawback that is kind of a dark threat to the film’s success at the box office. Speaking in an interview, Rajasekhar shared the details of Kalki budget revealing that this one cost them more than that of Garuda Vega unlike what they planned.

Now that the budget is also high, the actor along with the team is concerned if the same problem repeats this time too. As an add on to their fears, the digital platform like Amazon Prime has emerged a potential threat to such films in the market eating up those extra collections of the film. Pointing the same, Rajasekhar requested the audience to come to watch the film in theaters but not wait to watch the same on the small screen.

Kalki is set for release this Friday and the hero along with the team have their fingers crossed hoping for the good numbers to be seen at the box office.