Rajasekhar-Out-of-the-Biggest-CrisisIn a press meet held especially to declare about Rajasekhar’s health, Jeevitha Rajasekhar revealed the good news that her husband has tested negative and is discharged from the CITI-Neuro Hospital.

She thanked the team of doctors who had been with them during the testing times. Also, Jeevitha thanked her fans and well-wishers whose prayers had been there with them, throughout this phase. It’s good to see Rajasekhar recovering from the coronavirus infection.

After senior at Rajasekhar tested COVID -19 positive and when he was said to be in a critical condition, there were many who hoped that the senior actor will come out of this. His daughter Shivatmika Rajasekhar and his wife Jeevitha Rajasekhar had been giving regular updates about his heath condition.

Initially, the entire family including Jeevitha and their two daughters were tested positive. But, the young girls were the first ones to test negative followed by Jeevitha. Rajasekhar’s condition grew serious and finally, it’s good to see him back, discharged from the hospital.