'Magadu' Then and Now 'Garuda Vega'Praveen Sattaru rightly quoted the movies of 1990s as inclined to portray the hero in a larger than life character. We are missing such movies these days as the tastes of the audience have changed and they are welcoming entertainment filled with right comedy.

Talking about ‘PSV Garuda Vega‘, Praveen Sattaru says, ” it was ‘Magadu’ for Rajasekhar then and now it is PSV Garuda Vega” We have seen the teaser of the movie and we know that the director made an impressive promo. At the end of the day, it is the end product that will speak.

Speaking during the teaser launch event, Rajasekhar spoke about how and Jeevitha have been blamed for interfering with the work of the director. According to him, if the director is capable like Praveen Sattaru, there will be no need to interfere. What does that mean? One can read beyond the lines, quite comfortably.