rajasekhar konchem touch lo unte chaptha show‘Ahuthi’, ‘Ankusham’, ‘Magaadu’ and ‘Satya Meva Jayate’ are some of senior actor Rajasekhar’s movies which earned him ‘Angry Young Man’ image. He being involved in many controversies in Tollywood and also constantly changing parties had made headlines many times and added to his on screen image converted to real life image.

But recently there is a news making rounds that Rajasekhar is a changed man now and is trying for truce with mega family with whom he had been at logger heads seemingly since ages (since Chiru remade superhit Tamil movie ‘Ramana’ as ‘Tagore’). One doesn’t know the authenticity behind this truce but indirectly popular anchor Pradeep got answer for this on his chat show.

Rajasekhar graced ‘Konchem Touch Lo Vunte Chepta’ program on Saturday evening to promote his movie ‘Gaddam Gang’. And when Pradeep asked Rajasekhar to comment on the statement ‘Rajasekhar is an angry young man’, the actor said that he was an angry young man but no more now. The senior hero also expressed his willingness to try mullti-starrers and didn’t deny a possibility to essay vallainous characters in future.