Rajasekhar Creates Ruckus at MAA Event, Chiranjeevi UpsetThe MAA Association Diary Inauguration Event at Park Hyatt ended up as a Total Mess. The differences in the MAA were visible before the media. Chiranjeevi in his speech mentioned how they should resolve the differences internally and talk only good before the media.

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Later, when Paruchuri Gopala Krishna was talking something, Rajasekhar who stormed the stage grabbed the mike from him. He said that there are serious issues in the association and one needs to address it right away. Rajasekhar also told that he has been having sleepless nights because of the association and is even having family problems because of it.

Seeing the rage of Rajasekhar, Chiranjeevi got very angry and question why they have to sit if they are not respected and the protocol is not followed. He even asked for severe punishment for Rajasekhar. Chiranjeevi went on to say that Rajasekhar intentionally tried to foil the event and asked the disciplinary committee to take action on him.

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At this point, Rajasekhar once again spoke harshly and stormed out of the event. Jeevitha later spoke and went on to say they are not buffaloes and dogs in their houses and no one has the right to take about their personal lives. “Rajasekhar has a child-like heart and can not hide anything. So, we get problems,” she said.