Rajamouli's-Villain-Thunderous-TransformationKichcha Sudeep, Rajamouli’s villain in ‘Eega’ shared an awe-inspiring thunderous picture of himself showing his well built muscles that can be an envy for many who would understand the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to achieve such a body.

Sudeep gave a simple recipe to achieve this drool-worthy and mouth-watering physique and that’s good food, a decent lifestyle and a little discipline. He worked out for the climax part of his upcoming movie ‘Phantom’ and if this is how he is going to look in the climax, well, we better take our expectations to the next level.

‘Phantom’ has been garnering huge craze after he took his fans into ‘The World of ‘Phantom’ through a promo that he didn’t call a teaser and giving a hint that it’s an adventurous fantasy drama not a horror movie as some predicted.

With this latest pic, Sudeep announced that the team is going to start shooting for the last schedule from 4th December 2020 onwards. One must agree that his miraculous transformation into this inspiring shape is going to multiply the curiosity around ‘Phantom’.