SS karthikeya RRRGossip mongers have very little space in their head for verifying facts. One such recent instance is a media house reporting that Danayya is unhappy with not getting any mention in RRR’s Oscars campaign.

The producer himself clarified on the same in a recent interview as he stated that he is absolutely elated that his name is associated with an Oscar-award-winning film. He settled the dust on the rumors in his style.

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Now, Rajamouli’s son, Karthikeya, also the executive producer for RRR has once again thrashed the rumors indirectly.

In his thanking note, following RRR’s Oscars win, Karthikeya heartfully thanked the producer Danayya for making RRR happen on such a vast scale. He had a special and noticeable mention for Danayya and rightly so.

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These pointless rumors are now countered by Danayya himself and one of the main men for RRR, Karthikeya, so this should mark the end of this fabricated narrative.