Rajamouli copy-Baahubali-simon-birch-posterDirector SS Rajamouli is without any doubt the best we have in Telugu Film Industry today. However he is not with his share of flaws and the biggest of the flaws is his plagiarism track record. Baahubali is now at the center of storm due to this history of the director.

Right from the beginning the star director has been facing plagiarism charged to put it mildly. Others would be calling him a copycat. Many important sequences from his films have faced this charge and even media along with fans have been questioning him on this from a long time. Remember the Vikramarkudu ‘bullet’ row where the director had to end the conversation on a bitter note.

This past is once again haunting the director and now it is becoming a major concern for his magnum opus Baahubali. The first making video created a controversy and now the first look is creating one with its similarity to a Hollywood movie. The makers would obviously come up with a proper response like they did with the making video but the real concern here should be why make it an issue in the first place? With this ‘beginning’ everything else that follows would be seen with a tinted vision which is something the makers should be careful off. Not that it’s going to effect the box office at this point but why let these things happen in the first place.