Rajamouli’s Hindi debut and realistic animation movie Makkhi has garnered great reviews from Bollywood A-listers as well as its audiences in all three of its versions, that is, Telegu, Tamil and Hindi. Recently it has come to our notice that Makkhi will also be dubbed into Japanese and Swahili, although the production is still is beginner phase.

The director said, “We shot the film in Telugu and Tamil and dubbed the film into Malyalam. We converted it into Hindi as well and it is a huge success everywhere. Now, we are in the process of dubbing it into Japanese and Swahili. But the process is in its initial stage as we have only spoken to a Japanese authority to dub and distribute the film there,” Rajamouli told reporters.

Asked about the popularity and the success of this film, Rajamouli said, “We make a film because we think it is good and people will respond positively but we don`t know to what extent. So it feels great when big directors and big stars praise your film.”